Artist Statement

As an artist I am not an explorer of the human condition, so much as a
hapless tourist, making snapshots of whatever strikes my fancy. I work
primarily in paper mache, the appeal of which is twofold. First, it is fast
enough that I can try out ideas without any sense of commitment.
Secondly, it is a material so inherantly humble that I can claim to make
"cultural icons" or "distilled social observations" without feeling too
pretentious. Stylistically, I think of my work as lifelike rather than realistic,
a choice made out of a desire to represent ideas rather than individuals.
I make sculpture with the idea that it should both attract and communicate,
towards that end, I try to make art that is intellectually accessible and
aesthetically seductive. I approach my work day as though I were the
director of a small reparatory company, with a group of actors that I costume
and coerce into the characters of the story I want to tell. They tend toward
over acting.

Artist Statement ll

You should never trust an artist who makes a statement, except under
Stephen Hansen
artist statement